Matrimonial Services

Marriages are made in heaven but we facilitate the match making on earth.  

There are many young Muslims, both male and female who are looking for a life partner to get married and begin their journey for the best part of their life. The number of eligible singles in the Muslim community is rapidly on the rise as the millennial age generation is bursting on the scene and are actively in pursuit of a prospective life partner.


Marital happiness is what everyone is seeking when they are searching for a marriage partner. Realizing the growing need to introduce the prospective partners to each other, Pickering Islamic Centre has established Matrimonial Services that is non-commercial and is aimed to present the two parties to each other who can then begin their own evaluation of gaining a sense whether they are right for one another.


Our role is to collect the duly completed applications with some very basic information from both males and females to see where the two parties have in common in terms of a broad range of their interests, background and expectations etc.


It is simply not our role to do any verifications of the data mentioned on their application forms nor the veracity of the candidate’s profile. Background check, compatibility tests and such  approaches that are the sole and the entire responsibility of the two parties.


We sincerely hope that those who are using our voluntary services would be able to find their life partner they were dreaming to have one day, inshaAllah.

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