Parking Instructions

Vehicles can be parked at the Masjid – Musallah Parking Facility, South Road, Temporarily at rear of Southside Neighbour’s House and at Rayleen Crescent (on the Eastside—along the Fence—Must follow Parking signs).

Please Cooperate and follow instruction(s) from the Parking Volunteers.

1. NO PARKING in the Fire Route (entrance to Masjid up to Handicap parking area around the building, BOTH SIDES of the road).
2. NO stopping at the entrance to drop of passengers (Sisters area). This is required to prevent lineup on Brock Road and safety of people crossing between moving cars.
3. At the end of the prayers and Evening /Weekend School /Events /Programs, load all passengers in vehicles in the parking lot before heading for exit. This is required to prevent congestion at the exit causing unsafe condition for people going to their vehicles.
4. NO stopping and waiting near the “exit” to pick up passengers. This is required to prevent blocking of vehicles leaving the Masjid and safety of people going to parking lot.
5. Use parking at Southside Neighbour’s property and park as directed by Volunteers.
6. Use parking between south property and the Mosque. Park as directed by Volunteers. DO NOT block the access way.
7. When you park across – Rayleen Cres., DO NOT PARK / BLOCK any residential driveway. Must follow the posted ‘Parking Signs.

Friday Parking

1. Parking at the Masjid and Musallah will be CLOSED at 1:00pm and 2:00pm (DST) and at 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm (EST) or whenever the lot is full.
2. At the end of Friday Prayers, turn Right ONLY at the exit going north on Brock Road.
3. Additional Handicap parking spots are provided next to Imam’s parking on south side of Masjid during Friday prayers.

Anybody parked double/blocking in parking areas MUST move the vehicle right after fardh salat and then may return for Sunna prayers.

Ramadan Parking

1. Parking at Masjid and Musallah will be CLOSED 5 minutes before ‘Isha prayers or when the lot is full.
2. People performing ‘Isha prayer ONLY should park on Rayleen Cres (along the fence) or Southside Road.
3. People performing 8 Rakaah Taraweeh (Short term) ! Park behind the Musallah.
4. People performing 20 Rakaah Taraweeh (Long term)! Park behind the Masjid.

Please read, understand and follow these instructions to ensure that we all come and leave the Masjid in an orderly and safe manner.

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