JazaKAllah khair. The registrations have been closed for the Coffee and Spa event. InshaAllah hope you register for the upcoming event in April 2019. Date will be out soon via email.

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sun20jan2:00 PM5:00 PMCoffee & Spa2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Register Here


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Editorial: Pakistan Pinning Hopes on Imran Khan

Editorial: Pakistan Pinning Hopes on Imran Khan They live around the globe, non-residents for decades, many have become naturalized citizens of their host country; still they are a heartbeat away from their native land. Pakistani diaspora rejoices and celebrate at its victories on the cricket pitches and are stumped when they see the appalling inequities,…

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When Children Suffer

I would like to write a follow up to a question someone wrote in response to a quote I posted on Facebook a few days ago. The question was regarding how God could allow the rape of a seven-year-old girl. First of all, I would request that people not be so harsh with those who…


 Friday Announcements

Friday Announcement Oct 19, 2018

Announcement Oct 19, 2018 MASJID PROGRAMS: * Please note change in Salah timings from tomorrow- Fajr 6:45am and Isha 8:00pm Insha’Allah. * Seerah prog: Every Thursday after Maghrib Mufti Abdul Mannan saheb will talk about the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad please join us with your family. * We are very pleased to inform you that…

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