Overnight Parking Policy

To facilitate allowing long term parking of vehicles at Pickering Islamic Centre, following are the policy guidelines as well as terms of conditions:

1. At any given time a maximum of 5 “Overnight Parking Vehicles” shall be allowed to be parked on PIC property.
2. The parking permit will be valid for a maximum of SIX months.
3. All vehicles MUST be parked at the PIC designated areas only.
4. Violators would be asked to follow the rules or remove their vehicles immediately.
5. All vehicles MUST be removed from the PIC property for the following black out timings:
a. Fridays 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
b. Ramadan 7:00 pm to midnight
6. Owners MUST have their own vehicle liability insurance.
7. PIC DOES NOT accept nor assume any responsibility for any damage or loss due to vandalism and/or vehicles stolen from the PIC parking lot. A waiver MUST be signed.
8. NO repairs of the vehicles shall be allowed on PIC property.
9. NO electrical outlets shall be used for vehicles.
10. Any damage to the PIC property from fluid leakage from the vehicles MUST be cleaned by the owner of the vehicle.
11. The owner of the vehicle shall submit a duly completed form: ‘Vehicle Overnight Parking at PIC’.
12. A parking fee of $60.00 / month will be charged from owners of the vehicles. The users shall be required to pay, in advance, for the entire period of intended usage.
13. A minimum of one month’s parking fee will apply for short-term parking applicants.
14. Shura may, from time to time, review the fee structure for overnight parking.

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