Math Excellence Classes

Good study habits and learning strategies are formed in the mind during early years. Similarly, poor study habits and lack of concentration can be detected and fixed early.
These will be gifts for life to your children.

We started math excellence classes in 2012, and we are now going into our fourth year, alhmdolillah. Each year we help 30-50 students at various age levels from 4 to 24 from Elementary school to University, to be better in math. The classes are free. All you need to bring is a workbook (Recommend Math Smarts for the grade level from Costco at about $10) and a pencil and an eraser. No calculators….. Class. Time is 10 am to 12 noon every Saturday.

Some students are gifted in math, so we encourage them to increase their speed and accuracy. We also teach them new thinking methods, problem solving strategies and short cuts.

And those who are having difficulties; inability to read the numbers, adding or subtracting, multiplying, division, or number patterns. We help them to acquire the learned skills. What is important is to detect and correct problems early and deal with it effectively.

Math Excellence also helps high school and university students in need of extra help with their school work, assignments, and preparing for tests/exams. Just bring your textbooks or worksheets. Please come prepared with your questions and make sure you have attempted the questions so we can provide you with the help you need.

For those who are in grades 9-12 or college and like to teach, we also need your help. If you are in need of a reference and would like to volunteer you are more than welcome to join! By helping other students in the class, you develop your communication skills, ability to simplify and explain concepts and get community service hours to your credit.

We run the Math Excellence class to help our children become better….
Better students, better citizens, better employees, and better Muslims.
In the Hadeeth: “Allah loves it if someone does his/her work, that it is to be done with excellence”….

We thank all the volunteers who helped run the classes for these years and the parents who enrolled their children to get them on track to excel in math.

Bring in your children to learn and improve their math skills. And you can also volunteer to work two hours a week every Saturday from 10 to 12 in the class room.

Mostafa, Sameer and Ruba.

Sept 1, 2015

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