Funeral Services

To Allah we belong, and to Allah shall we return!

For complete funeral services including:

  • Bringing the body from the hospital to our Centre.
  • Washing
  • Providing shroud / Kaffan
  • Coffin box
  • Grave lot arrangement
  • Arranging with the cemetery personnel
  • Taking the body to the cemetery
  • All necessary paper work / documentation dealing with hospital
  • and government agencies will be done by PIC
  • Proof of death certification will be provided.

We have purchased some grave lots in Duffin Meadows Cemetery at 2505 Brock Road North (two kilometers north of our Centre) Pickering, Ontario L1V 2P8.

All you need is to fill out a ‘Burial Services Information’ form and get an estimated total cost of the burial. We provide our services at cost and there is no administration fee added.

Masjid Usman has a well-equipped mortuary facility to perform washing (ghusl) and preparing the body for burial. Our trained volunteers, both sisters and brothers are knowledgeable in providing these services with utmost sensitivity.

Duffin Meadow Cemetery’s close proximity makes it convenient for
family members and other mourners to follow the procession.
For same day burial services, the body (mayyit) should in our Centre
before 10:30 a.m.

  • Duffin Meadows Cemetery does not open on Sundays.
  • The cost involved in opening and closing the grave is payable directly to the Cemetery.


Funeral Coordinator:
Br. Ashraf Nana


Contact Info:

  • Ashraf Nana: Direct line for Funeral Services 289-980-1157.  Email at


  • The Coordinator or a PIC representative will accompany the next of kin/family member to the hospital and fulfill all the documents for the release of the body.
  • Thereafter, the body (mayyit) will be brought in to the Centre for ghusal, preparation, Salatul Janazah and will be transported to the Cemetery for burial. If the next of kin or close family members wish their loved one to be buried in another Cemetery, the Centre can also make appropriate arrangements with other Cemetery…
  • Pickering Islamic Centre will issue a “Proof of Death Certification” (Temporary) to the family of deceased person. This certificate may be required by the family members, for settlement of legal issues, such as bank accounts, insurance claims, inheritance, etc. Next of Kin will require to apply with the Ontario Ministry to obtain a legal “Death Certificate”.

The cost involved for the pickup, transportation, ghusl, preparations of the body (mayyit), will be payable to the Centre. Please note that these services to the community members are at cost and provided on a non-profit basis.

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