Food Policy

1. Food is not permitted in the Masjid prayer hall with the exception of dates and water, Any exceptions, (dry sweets barfi, ladoo, dates, etc. during Nikah ceremonies ) must be with the permission of PIC management. Similarly food is not to be consumed inside prayer hall. For example food taken from outside prayer hall and then taken inside the prayer hall for consumption.
2. Food/ drink in the premise must be 100% halal as decided by the religious affairs board of the Centre
3. Onion and garlic should not be brought into the Centre at any cost as this goes against the hadith. Similarly any food that has a very strong disruptive odour
4. Pa-an and gum should not be allowed on the premise, as the pa-an stains and gum are difficult to remove
5. Food/drink that has more probability to stain or damage the Centre e.g. nahari, coffee etc. should not be encouraged, and very carefully monitored
6. Food in the remaining parts of the Centre including class rooms will be permitted only at the discretion of the Shura. The decision will be made according to the specific situation. It is possible that one time the Shura may deem it appropriate while at another time deem it not to be appropriate.
7. The person bringing food must ensure that:

  • food is not left unattended,
  • food area is kept clean for the duration the food is being served and after
  • no left over food remains in the centre, as PIC does not have any storing facility for left over food.
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