Announcement Sep. 28, 2018

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Announcement Sep 28, 2018


* Please note change in Salah timings from tomorrow- Asr @ 5:45pm Insha’Allah.

* Seerah prog: Every Thursday after Maghrib Mufti Abdul Mannan saheb will talk about the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad please join us with your family.

* We are restarting our Seniors program effective Sunday Sep 30th in our multi-purpose hall @ 11:00 am. This important program will continue to take place on last Sunday of each month. All seniors are invited.

* Bruce Bradley is running for Durham District School Board Trustee. He is outside today to meet and greet and to answer any questions you may have.

* Nadia Peerzada is a candidate for Pickering Councillor for ward 3 and she will be outside at main entrance to meet & greet or for any question you may have.

* Ashmeed Khan is a candidate for Ajax Councillor. He will be outside at main entrance to meet & greet or for any question you may have.

* Lisa Robinson is running for City Councillor in Pickering ward 1. She will be outside at main entrance to meet & greet or for any question you may have.

* Parents are reminded that we still have few seats available in our Friday Girls School and Saturday Boys School. Please register your children as soon as possible.

* The city has decided to enforce “No parking at all time” signs on Usman Road East bound (along with the curb of south side property). The bylaw officers are going to start issuing tickets effective immediately.

* Please note that unauthorized vehicles parked overnight in our parking lot will be tagged and towed away at owner’s expense.

* Muslim Youth and Contemporary Issues, a specially designed program is presented by Durham Islamic Center on Sunday, October 7 from 2 to 5pm. This program is for boys and girls of grades 7 to 12. Please make use of this great opportunity.

* Pickering Islamic Centre, in coordination with Islamic Relief is presenting Shaikh Sulaiman Moola on Saturday, October 6 after Asr salah. Kindly attend with your family and friends.

* Please make heartfelt du’as for All those who are sick whether at home or in the hospital may Allah grant them complete recovery Shifa Kamila Wa Aajila. Please also make heartfelt du’as for all those who left this world recently or in the distant past. May Allah grant them Jannat ul Firdous


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