June 22, 2018

Categories: Friday Announcements

Announcement June 22, 2018


* Shaykh Rafiq Sufi from UK is scheduled to give a series of Bayans, details posted on our bulletin boards.

* PIC is hosting a community garage sale on Sunday June 24 from 10:30am to 2:30pm with all proceeds going to Brock Elementary School. Those interested to sell their used/unwanted items may purchase a table for a nominal cost. If you are interested in being a vendor and to rent a table to sell your items, please see the poster on the bulletin board.

* On Saturday June 23rd the Youth Committee is organizing a student Night for all high school and University students after Asr salah.


* Brothers from Sakinah community Centre are in the process of purchasing a building to be used as a Masjid. Please donate generously to help them achieve their goal.

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