June 08, 2018

Categories: Friday Announcements

Announcement June 08, 2018


* Shaykh Rafiq Sufi from UK is scheduled to give a series of Bayans, detail posted on our bulletin boards.

* PIC is hosting a community garage sale with all proceeds going to Brock Elementary School. Any home owners or community businesses who would like a table to sell their used/unwanted items or business items may purchase a table for a nominal cost. The garage sale will be held at the PIC parking lot from 10:30am to 2:30pm on Sunday June 24 and will be open to the public. If you are interested in being a vendor and to rent a table to sell your items, please see the poster on the bulletin board.


* Please make heartfelt du’as for

All who are sick whether in the hospital or at home. May Allah grant them a speedy recovery Shifa Kamila Wa Aajila.

* Please make heartfelt du’as for

All those who passed away recently or in the past may Allah grant them Jannatul Firdous. May He remove difficulties from our lives and guide our children always on the right path, ameen

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