Stories of the Prophets Halaqa Resumes

Stories of the Prophets Halaqa Resumes… Time & Day: Every Thursday After ‘Asr salah (7pm) Duration: 30 min Topic: The Life of Sayyidina Musa عليه السلام Brothers & sisters welcome

Salaat Iqama
Fajr 5:50 AM
Dhur 1:45 PM
Asr 6:30 PM
Maghrib Sunset
Isha 10:00 PM
Juma 1 1:45 PM
Juma 2 3:20 PM

Last Updated on 08/19/2016 Ramadan Calendar 1437/2016

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PIC Toy Drive: Put a smile on a child’s face this Eid

Update June 16,2016: Syrian refugee toy drive is complete, Alhamdulillah all toys have been purchased. New donations will go towards food and supplies for Syrian refugee families in the East GTA. Syrian Newcomer Eid Toy Drive “Put a smile on a child’s face this Eid” The Pickering Islamic Centre is collecting donations for a toy drive…

Full time islamic school

Full Time Islamic School

Please complete this survey for a fulltime Islamic School in Pickering Region. This form is here to gather data to assess the needs of the Muslim community of Durham Region. Please fill it out as thoroughly as possible. Click here to complete survey   JazakAllahu khair

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